5V One Channel Relay Module
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Tags: 5V Relay module, Relay, arduino relay module

5V One Channel Relay Module

SKU : BRK-00083


This is a small and easy to use 1 channel relay board that operates on 5V. Use it to control one 240V power appliance  lights, fans, etc directly from microcontrollers or low voltage circuits. The relay can handle a maximum of 7A/240 V AC or 7A/24V DC. Relay has all three connections - Common(COM), Normally Open(NO), Normally Closed(NC) brought out to 3 pin screw terminals which makes it easy to make and remove connections. The board has a power indication (RED) and a relay status (GREEN) LED to ease debugging. The board can accept inputs within a wide range of voltages from 3V to 5V. Power input and relay control signals are brought to 3 pin header pins on the board. Hence, the board can be easily interface with our development boards using our female to female jumper wires.


Package Includes:

  • 5V One Channel Relay Module 

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